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Minime vero inquit ille consentit haec dicuntur inconstantissime. Quid me istud rogas.

Linda A. Warren

Linda A. Warren

Founder & Owner, LOVEOM


Hi, I’m Linda.

As a healing intuitive and mystic, I call upon a range of modalities to activate healing in my clients. 

Using vibrational medicine, I am able to see and move energy within my clients’ physical form to bring about their self-healing. 

With my extensive knowledge of a variety of ancient healing modalities, I am able to help heal people and places of negative memories. 

I also enjoy sharing my gifts as a motivational speaker and workshop facilitator.

Are you ready to begin
your heart-centered journey? 

Whether your goal is to restore your health, gain clarity,
or harness your innate gifts, I can help!


Vibrational Healing

Life is precious. You deserve a life of health, harmony, and balance. Don’t wait for a crisis before seeking to restore health and vitality to your life. I guide you to better health by integrating my innate gifts with my extensive training in Esoteric Healing, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Native American Medicine, Color Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Magnetism, Huna, and Homeopathy.  

Spiritual Consultations

Throughout our life’s journey, we seek wisdom and clarity. That’s why I offer you spiritual coaching. Calling upon my gifts, I am able to go straight to issues that are key to unlocking your life’s joyful purpose.  I’ll work with you to guide you towards the solutions, peace, and personal growth that you desire. You’ll leave each session with the clarity and understanding that you have been seeking.

Intuitive Life/Business Coaching

We all face moments at the crossroads. This can lead to feelings of confusion or insecurity about how to move forward in our personal and professional lives. My intuitive life and business coaching program will guide you to your life’s purpose and your true calling. You’ll leave our coaching sessions with a renewed sense of purpose, focus, and energy. 

Community & Civic Offerings

I believe that we can all make a positive impact on the world if we share our innate gifts, wisdom, knowledge, and skills. That’s why I host a popular radio program. I also offer a limited number motivational speaking engagements and workshops throughout the year. My civic offerings include clearing and blessing properties, weddings, memorial services, family blessings and special occasions 

What My Clients Are Saying

Awesome, let's do this!


Minime vero inquit ille consentit haec dicuntur inconstantissime. Quid me istud rogas.

~Mary Michelle

“My life with my adolescent daughter was chaotic. After trying many therapists and medications, I phoned Linda. She heard my desperation and saw my daughter within the next two hour. As Linda was clearing my daughter’s energy, I discovered she was reciting a past life I knew from teachers about my daughter and I. As I watched the black smoky haze being removed from my daughter’s body, I knew Linda was a gifted healer and fast friend. Linda has been valuable in helping me as well as my two very healthy and happy adult children, grow into stronger, more enlightened light beings during these energetic times. My heart is so very thankful!”


“An incredible healer and intuitive. Time spent with Linda is always a gift for my body, mind, and soul.”

~ Keith S.

“For me, Linda’s insight is relevant and easily applied.  She shares with gentle encouragement from a caring heart. I can always count on her to view my situation from various angles and challenge me to make more informed choices. My body, mind, and spirit are better thanks to Linda’ work.”

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