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Who could benefit from working with an intuitive healer?

Anyone can benefit from working with an intuitive healer.  Your physical body is not the only part of you that desires healing and growth.  You have energy which holds memory—blocks from traumas, ancestor and soul memory—which can often trigger emotional, mental, physical or spiritual issues.  These show up to offer an opportunity for your soul’s healing.

What will you do as my healer?

I will clear the blockages so your divine perfection can realign with your heart.  This allows your own healing to take place.

What can I expect from a reading?

I read your own Higher Self, that aspect of you that knows all there is for this lifetime and all lifetimes.  

This brings forth insight to help you grow, learn, and become more aware of the potential available to you with this knowledge.  Secondly, I can see past, present and future. This allows confirmation and direction in a clearer understanding. Both add great resolution to your overall undertaking in each life situation.  

How did you discover your gifts?

My gifts have been with me all my life.  I have always had sight and knowingness, and healing came naturally.  CLICK HERE to go to my About page to read my story. 

Do you have certifications, licenses or degrees? What have you studied? How did you learn what you do?

I am certified in two Reiki disciplines.  I am a licensed minister. I have studied with shamans in South America, Hawaii, and the Philippines, as well as wisdom keepers from around the world.  

As I studied with healers of any healing modality like magnetism, color therapy and Huna,, I discovered I already innately possessed this wisdom.  My lessons with healers, as well as reading their books, polished my knowledge.

My greatest wisdom comes through Spirit.

How do you connect to my guides?

I am a gifted intuitive, and I have been taught to shape shift my conscious into my superconscious, that aspect of self connected to Spirit.  Here I am able to cross the Bridge of Light where I link to you and your spirit guides.

How does a trance medium differ from a psychic? Are you both of these?

WORK ON   A trance medium sets their own consciousness aside and allows Spirit to speak directly through them. A psychic uses the different senses to intuit the person’s current inquiries to share information.

I can do both. I prefer the highest connection to God and open through my heart to give the information directly from the soul records known as The Akasha.

Can you speak to my dead relative? To past generations?

Yes, I can contact your dead relatives.  In the etheric heavens where all spirit communications transpire, there is not a time-space continuum of separation. All lifetimes and souls on the other side can be contacted.

Do you work with past lives?

Absolutely.  Often, I have found it a great key to unlocking and healing the present.

How can you help me with my health issues?

I can give clear insight on where the issue began and how it is energetically affecting you.  Then I use my acute insight and energy field to clear blocked energy to bring healing to you immediately.

Can you help me with my emotional issues?

Yes, and it is a very calm and peaceful movement of your own energy.

Can you help me grow my business? Can you assist me with my financial issues?

Yes, my gift provides insights you may not have seen or thought of.  Many business clients have been very successful from the insights delivered in a session.  I have shown them wiser choices for their business planning and saved them money.

Can you tell me when I’ll fall in love?

Falling in love is first inside yourself.  I can guide you when I see some love potential arriving, but ultimately this is your free choice and free will.

Can you help me and others in my community?

Yes, I can send healing to any situation and bless it for the highest and best outcome for all.

When will I be healed?

When blocks and core issues are cleared from memory, you own your right to hold the healing and know your self-worth to accept the gifts I share in your process.

What have your clients achieved or overcome?

They achieve an enlightened spirit from understanding.  They are healed by Divine Truth channeled via my gifts, and, most of all, they return to the spark of perfection they were born with.

How long will it take for me to heal and/or achieve my goal?

We all have lessons.  According to the depth of these lessons, we each have to experience the situation or illness at hand.  Once the healing is allowed and lessons understood, healing is immediate.

How should I prepare for my reading/session?

It’s always good to be open to receive Divine Truth. If there are questions you have about specific issues, please write them down, and we can review and receive answers.

How do results vary between an in-person session and one via telephone?

The only difference is our physical proximity.  Either way, I can read the same because I am reading from the higher dimension of your soul records.

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