Heartfelt Blessings!

I’m so glad you’re here. I’m here to support you on your spiritual journey. I know from my own experience that soul growth will lead you to greater wisdom, clarity, joy, and healing.

In fact, it was my own spiritual journey and soul growth that led me to become an international healer, author, speaker, intuitive spiritual coach, and consultant.

As I have grown as a spiritual healer calling on Divine Power, I have naturally become one with Spirit. It is this Divine Power that guides me intuitively as I work with each client.

Through my consultative practice, I have witnessed miraculous healings: broken bones going back into place under my hands; cancer healed after one session; troubled hearts cleared and peace reestablished again; and so much more!  

Every exchange with the clients that I am blessed to serve teaches me and profoundly impacts my life.  

I look forward to guiding you on your journey of mind, body, and spirit healing.  

As a true mystic, her gifts are many…

Linda A. Warren is a healing intuitive with talents that far exceed easily seeing the past, present and future.

As a true mystic, her gifts are many, and she heals with vibrational medicine by seeing and moving energy within the physical form to bring about self-healing in those she works on.

Her extensive knowledge is utilized in healing people, places, and things of negative memories, as well as through sharing her gifts as a motivational speaker and workshop facilitator.  She has studied healing modalities from around the world:

– Reiki (Japan)
– Pranic Healing (Philippines)
– Esoteric Healing (England)
– Huna (Hawaii)
– Native American Medicine (USA)
– Homeopathy (Germany)
– Hypnotherapy/Magnetism (France)
– Color Therapy (Egypt)

Her healing gifts bless all those she is fortunate to work with. These gifts are natural, inherited from healers on both paternal and maternal family lineages.  

She helped people with incurable diseases receive clean reports from their medical practitioners after moving negative energies at the root of the blockage.

She laid hands on a woman who had multiple difficulties conceiving. After this healing session, this woman easily became pregnant.

She mended broken bones as they literally moved back into place while her hands radiated healing energy to the affected area.

She has removed “Evil Eyes” where they have been cast.

She easily communicates with relatives who have died.

She has helped locate missing persons, as well as find stolen objects and identified the criminals involved.

Linda believes that blessings are always at hand.  A true angel, Linda A. Warren serves in her healing ministry wherever she is.

Which brings me to you...

I offer my services as a calling of Spirit. 

I strive to show every client how to rebalance the rhythms in their spiritual journey from chaos to peace and understanding. 

As part of my commitment to strengthen and expand my healing ministry, I would be honored to work with you.  


Begin Your Healing Journey Today!